.old pulteney - 12yo - re-review

"Our multi award-winning single malt delivers spicy vanilla notes and green apples, with more than a hint of the rugged north-east with a salty, tangy dryness. Moreish!"

...or so they say on their own website. Let's have another look.

40% abv, under €30
single malt, chill filtered, caramel E150 added

Nose: sweet, vanilla, fruit, green apples, grapes, sour berries, gooseberries, cranberries, that new car smell, a hint of polished leather
Palate: rather weak at first, touches of sweet, hints of vanilla, hints of something floral
Finish: medium long, quite dry, a sweet touch of vanilla, fruit, fresh (white) grapes
Mark: +++++ 

Conclusion: I liked it much better in 2011, than I do now. It is still quite alright, but the palate is almost absent to me, which is a shame after such promising nose. Very easy to drink, nothing very exciting. For the price, I would have expected a little more... bite.

.original note posted in Dutch, in 2011, so it was about time to update. Received a dram while we were at the distillery.

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