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Craigellachie, the village in the heart of the Speyside region, holds the smallest pub in the UK, a beautiful inn with a great bar, a humongous cooperage, a hotel with two great bars, and a filling station. And because the river Spey runs right past the village, there is a beautiful bridge too.

Oh, and - because: Speyside - a distillery! Dohw!

57.2% abv, €only available at the hotel
single malt

Nose: sweet, vanilla, honeycomb, creamy, Werther's Originals, spicy, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, herbal, sage, hints of laurel, 
Palate: sweet, creamy, honey, more Werther's Original, spicy, white pepper, cloves, tobacco leaves, lots of dried fruit but different fruits from a standard Sherry bomb, dried apples, mango, banana chips, is there something as dried kiwifruit?
Finish: hot, spicy, white pepper, long, spicy, tobacco leaves, cloves, herbs, sage, laurel
Mark: +++++ 

Conclusion: I like her. Not sure what they ask per dram at the hotel, but there are many indy bottlers offering a similar bottling, most of them for a good price. A special Craigellachie indeed, but not a unique one.

More info: The bottling is "designed" to sell per the dram, only at the hotel bar, and I am pretty sure there aren't many bottles available outside of the hotel, but we were lucky enough to be sent a sample. We have to know who we have bribe persuade to let us see the insides of the distillery, so if you would have any pointers for us...

.kindly donated to us by the craigellachie distillery for a twitter tasting

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