.craigellachie - 23yo

46% abv, €275
single malt

Nose: fruity, pears, juicy green apples, berries, red berries, ripe gooseberries, marzipan, nuts, almonds
Palate: quite dry, sweet, honey, treacle, floral, honeysuckle, fruity, juicy green apples, citrus, unripe lime, berries, very very ripe gooseberries
Finish: very long, dry, sweet, fruity, fermenting apples, spicy, nutmeg, a bitter touch like one bay leaf in a dish can make a difference
Mark: ++++/+

Conclusion: Oumpfh. That is a lot of body. She if full of nice scents and flavours, had a long (long!) finish, and carries a sweet punch after you think she has left you for good. That price though...

.sample was sent to us for participation in a long gone twitter tasting, but arrived late.

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