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‘Everything in moderation, including moderation.’
– Oscar Wilde

Fifteen years after their first whisky release - the original Hedonism, Compass Box has reinvented and revamped that idea and went a little further, resulting in another limited bottling of their blended grain.

46% abv, €150
blended grain, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, vanilla, caramel, gluey at first, deep wood notes, seawater, salted buttered caramelised popcorn, dried fruit, cranberries, corn, a hint of rye bread, citrus, blood oranges, milk chocolate
Palate: sweet, vanilla, treacle, caramel, spicy, pepper, herbs, fried sage, tobacco leaves, milk chocolate, a little citrus, blood oranges
Finish: long, warm, sweet, vanilla, corn, tobacco leaves, milk chocolate
Mark: ++++/+ 

Conclusion: Oh, man... This is so very nice. I will definitely safe up some money and find a place where it is still available.

More info: Compass box has a rule to be as transparent as possible, but they have recently slapped on the wrist for being too transparent, so the information about the makeup of this particular whisky has also disappeared from their own website, but I was able to find some information on the never forgetting internet anyway.

25yo Port Dundas matured in rejuvenated hogsheads - 36.6%
20yo Port Dundas matured in first-fill American standard barrels - 19.4%
20yo North British matured in first-fill American standard barrels - 17.6%
32yo Loch Lomond unknown blended grain matured in American standard barrels - 18%
28yo Dumbarton matured in American standard barrels - 8.4%

So, essentially and by law, this is a 20yo blended grain. Not that difficult, is it? And it is good. Very good, and that's what counts.

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