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Mid-August, we received an unexpected package with a sample of the recently released Tomintoul Tlàth. The Gaelic word, pronounced "Tlah", translates into English as "gentle" or "mellow". Let's see if it lives up to its name, shall we?

40% abv, €25
single malt

Nose: sweet, a touch of vanilla, floral, violets, fresh citrus, lime peel
Palate: very sweet, treacle, vanilla, spicy, black pepper, a hint of allspice
Finish: sweet, smooth, creamy, honey, treacle, medium length, a hint of eucalyptus
Mark: +++/++ 

Conclusion: Not at all bad... No doubt about it that a large part of this whisky will be very young, given the fact that it has no age statement and is rather affordable (although that is no reason for some distilleries to up the price anyway). For the drinker with a sweet-tooth I could recommend "Tlàth" for sure, resembling her name well, but if you represent your whole brand with the slogan "the Gentle Dram", one comes to expect you to live up to that, one way or another.

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