.mortlach - 1998-2014 - wemyss malts - gorse heath

A 16yo Mortlach, chosen by the good people of Wemyss Malts, exclusively bottled for the Kingsbarns distillery shop. Mortlachs in general are very pleasing to my nose and palate, and the smell from a distance is already very promising. Let's dig in...

46% abv, €80
single malt

Nose: sweet, thin honey, treacle, fruity, green apples, ripe sweet pears, floral, hints of honeysuckle, buttercups, salted butter, herbs, thyme, a touch of sage, citrus, limes, 
Palate: sweet, creamy, fruity, ripe mango, citrus, blood oranges, limes, spicy, hints of cinnamon, herbs, sage, thyme
Finish: long, spicy, cinnamon, fruity, apples, herbs, lemon-thyme, sage
Mark: +++++ 

Conclusion: I am cooking here, in summertime, outside, on a grill, using fresh herbs and sweet side-dishes, having the thyme of my life. Only thing I miss, is the 'dirt' most Mortlachs have. This is a clean Mortlach, making it, to me, different from most Mortlachs I know.

More info: Distilled in 1998, bottled in 2014 into 290 bottles.

.many thanks to Kingsbarns distillery for supplying us with this sample

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