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We were on Orkney recently, and found the Highland Park distillery to be very welcoming to us. The excavations at Skara Brea were a little disappointing to us, so we skipped to the store and found a sample of this young Highland Park.

43% abv, €40
single malt

Nose: sweet, a hint of marshmallows, a slight floral touch, heather, violets, fresh cut grass
Palate: spicy, white pepper, sweet, thin honey, red fruit, res berries, raspberries
Finish: warm, sweet, vanilla, red fruit, a hint of smoke and a touch of mint
Mark: +++++ 

Conclusion: Not very quick on the nose, this one, I had to add a splash of water to get her going, and then still... Fair game, but not a stunner.
Funny how things can be worlds apart in our tasting notes, with only so little time in between.

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