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Close to the A9 near Kingussie, when Google maps tells you you are in Drumguish, you can find one of the most hidden away distilleries of the Speyside area, which is probably the furthest away from the centre of the Speyside area - the Speyside distillery. Releasing their whiskies under the "Spey" label, they have an 18yo in their modest portfolio, limited to only 1.500 bottles. We took a sample with us for the designated driver (me), so, here we go...

46% abv, €80
single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, dried fruit, raisins, sour berries, gooseberries
Palate: sweet, dried fruit, raisins, apricots, figs, slightly creamy, a hint of malt, biscuits
Finish: medium long, medium dry, slightly malty, biscuits again, dried fruits, apricots
Mark: ++/+++ 

Conclusion: I am not getting too many notes here, which is too bad. I would really like to re-visit this dram at some point, but am also afraid there just is not much left to be found anyway. I would strongly recommend not to add water though, mine just got iffy after adding a splash, so I cannot complete the note.

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