.karuizawa - 1984 sherry cask #3663

Oh. My. Word. We were participating in a bottle share group some time ago, and at some point, fellow participant and fellow blogger Sjoerd de Haan won an auction at the Whisky Exchange where this rare and unique bottling was for 'sale'. Being the good chap he is, even before he won the auction, he decided to put it up for a 7-way 10cl split, and have some of us enjoy it.

56.8% abv, €400*, single malt

Nose: sweet, heavily sherried, cedar wood, tobacco leaves, dried fruits, plums, dried mangos, old books, earthy, mushrooms, autumn, heavily used leather, citrus, blood oranges, spicy, laurel, cinnamon, cloves, anise, mint
Palate: warm, sweet, spicy, liquorice, anise, dried fruits, plums, mangos, cedar wood, earthy, autumn, mushrooms, used leather, cigars, dark chocolate
Finish: long, looong, warm, dried fruit, plums, apricots, mangos, citrus, orange peel, marmalade, spiced wine, cloves, laurel, cinnamon
Mark: +++++ 

Conclusion: This. This was good. I wonder why they ever decided to close this distillery. I might consider to keep some, but on the other hand, although there are 2 5cl bottles of it, I am afraid we will open the second soon. As in; tomorrow. 

More info: distilled in 1984, matured in ex-Sherry cask #3663, bottled in 2013

*at the time of release (January 2014) this was a lot of money, now, (January 2016) this price is almost tenfold... 

Jeez... watching the last episode of Homeland season three is quite distracting while making a note.

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