.ardmore - 1996 - g&m

Gordon and Macphail have a series of bottlings they have released with the 'official' labels from these distilleries. In the past, Ardmore did not release their own bottlings, and they still hardly have any, although they can be found as single malts via many independent bottlers and blenders.

43% abv, €65, single malt

Nose: floral, heather, a touch of smoke, fruit, warm apples, eucalyptus
Palate: sweet, honey, floral, heather, medium dry, fruit, sweet cranberries
Finish: medium long, medium dry, a touch of smoke, a hint of charcoal
Mark: ++/+++ 

Conclusion: a bit off. As in, not what I expected from an Ardmore. Not bad, but not an immediate favourite. Sweet too...

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