.ailsa bay 3yo - images of ayrshire

I am rather excited about this one. She was part of the usquebauch society's blind tasting competition in December 2015 as sample number 7. We did not participate because our livers had other responsibilities during the holidays, but our friend meneer Bos saved us quite a bit of the sample because... I don't know. He might just be a nice guy after all.

68.3% abv, €75
single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: young, sweet, dried fruits, raisins, dates, plums, figs, spicy, allspice, cinnamon, a hint of rubber and sulphur
Palate: hot (dûh... 68.3%), sweet, dried fruits, raisins dates, spicy, cinnamon, allspice, creamy, rubber
Finish: long, warm, creamy, sweet, dried fruit, raisins, rubbery
Mark: +++/++ 

Conclusion: well, that was quite a sherry bomb. Not as young as I expected it to be, but sherry flavours are pretty overpowering here. I would like to explore this some more, but...

More info: Ailsa bay is a rather large distillery in the Lowlands of Scotland, in the Ayrshire. Most of us are rarely going to taste s single malt from this distillery, as most of it will disappear in the Grants blended whisky. The stills are supposed to be Balvenie shaped, with some changes in the places where they saw things fit. It may just be the largest distillery of Scotland, but the numbers are a little vague. If only I could get in there for a visit and see for myself, my story and information would be more constructive...
It is Quite special that the people of the Malts of Scotland got hold of a cask of the stuff, and decided to fill 328 bottles and share it with us all (for a small "fee").

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