.yula - batch #1

"Inspired by the ancient Islay legend of a beautiful but tragic Norse goddess, Douglas Laing presents Yula, the first of a three part trilogy of limited edition Island Malt Scotch Whisky. Douglas Laing’s Yula is comprised of several of the Islands’ most sought after, peated malts. To be released consecutively in three limited edition batches, the first of which is bottled at 20 Years Old, Yula charts the spirit’s journey and celebrates the Laing family’s own proud origins on Islay. Just 900 bottles of Yula’s First Chapter are available globally."

52.6% abv, €145, blended malt

Nose: salty, a hint of smoke, spicy, cloves, a touch of sweet eucalyptus and lavender
Palate: sweet, old fashioned liquorice, easy, some smoked bacon, salted butter, charcoal, creamy mouth-feel, floral lavender
Finish: medium long, smoky, burnt bacon, a touch of sweetness, salted butter, soot, floral, lavender
Mark: +++++ 

Conclusion: A touch too floral for my taste. The nose does not reveal much at first, the palate is creamy and almost gently, especially for 53.6%, and the finish is not as impressive as I had expected. All in all, she is very well to drink, but I expected something more - oumpfh, I guess.

.many thanks to Douglas Laing for sharing the sample with us. 

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