.highland park - new make spirit

50% abv, €25, spirit, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, mint, dried fruit, raisins, grains, barley, citrus, zest, oranges, orange peel
Palate: sweet, spicy, white pepper, slight dry, dried fruit, raisins, citrus
Finish: sweet, medium long, dried fruit, raisins, citrus, lemon
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: the main themes here are sweet and raisins. Clearly this spirit drink form a good base for the Highland Park product line. I always like to see taste how the basic flavours of a spirit can make or break the result of the whisky before she is put away for several years in a good selection of wood. This one is a maker.

More info: this is for sale in the distillery shop, mentioned price is for 35cl bottle, watered down to 50% abv.

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