.octomore - 06.1 - scottish barley

57% abv, €125, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural color

Nose: smoke, sweet, cork, wood, dry red wine, oak, wood, grapefruits, mint, herbal, eucalyptus, salted butter, peach, stone-fruit, prunes, bacon
Palate: sweet, strong, grapes, raisins, honey, dry red wine mouthfeel, floral, heather, sharp, pepper, bbq, smoke
Finish: long, medium dry, sweet, smoky, bbq, meat, smoked ham
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: Great, wonderful, awesome! That sort of stuff. I want a full bottle, although it is very steep on the price. Personally I think she is worth it; this is the overpriced hamburger from a three Michelin starred restaurant, vs the one from your local burger joint.
20cl sample or not, we did a mighty good job on getting to the bottom of this within too little time.

More info: peated up to 167ppm before distilling, matured for 5years. This was dram four during a twitter tasting with four surprise 20cl samples of the new 2013 core range from Bruichladdich, who also hold the Port Charlotte and Octomore brand names.

From the website: The world's most heavily peated whisky, this is the sixth edition of the uber-experimental cult
Octomore. Titanic amounts of peat but with a light, delicate complexity and a beguiling finesse. Young, yet eminently mature, it defies us. It remains an enigma. We embrace that. Here, we pay tribute to its pedigree, to the land from which it came and the raw materials that gave it life: Octomore Scottish Barley. We believe in challenging convention.

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