.jack daniels - old no7

40% abv, €25, tennessee whiskey

Nose: fresh, sweet, vanilla, fruit, floral, roses, ladies' powder room
Palate: easy, dry, sweet, vanilla, fruit, apple, pear, citrus, pineapple
Finish: spicy, medium-long, medium-dry
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: Not half bad. Understandably this is a good cola-whisky, although it is very drinkable on it's own, with a splash or water, or even with a cube of ice.

More info: "it is not a bourbon, it is not Scotch. It is Jack". That is how it is advertised by the Tennessee Whiskey Company. Closer to being a bourbon as to Scotch, since it has a sour mash bill that is mostly corn, a little rye and a handful of malted barley. However, all whisky is filtered through a three meter thick layer of charcoal, which is not allowed by US law to call it bourbon.

Depending who tells you, the number 7 on the bottle comes from the number 7 train that carried his whisky around the country, Mr. Jack's lucky number was 7 or he had 7 special ladies in his life. Nobody knows for sure, and the secret has died with Jack Daniel.

Supposedly, the Tennessee whiskey company is the only whisk(e)y producer in the world that creates their own barrels from scratch.

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