.craigellachie - 17yo

46% abv, €75
single malt

Nose: sweet, vanilla, marshmallows, spicy, white pepper, fruit, sweet pears
Palate: sweet, honey, vanilla, marshmallows, floral, honeysuckle, fruit, juicy red apples, sweet pears, slight dry mouth feel, very ripe red berries
Finish: medium long, sweet, marshmallows, slight dry, very ripe gooseberries
Mark: +++/++ 

Conclusion: good one. Like her younger sister, quite a lot of body, with the same basic flavours (as expected) but with some added dryness and a much longer finish. Lost the slight nuttiness and added some more berries along the way. Good stuff, albeit a bit pricey.

.sample was sent to us for participation in a long gone twitter tasting, but arrived late. And I was slow reviewing the samples.

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