.loch lomond - single grain

From the puzzle of the Loch Lomond distillery in Alexandria, Scotland, a single grain. We are unsure if this is a grain from the big grain distillery, or if it is a product from the malt mash fed Coffey still in the malt distillery and cannot be called 'single malt' because of - rules.

46% abv, €30
single grain

Nose: sweet fresh fruit, Granny Smith apples, berries, gooseberries, a hint of vanilla, floral, almost soapy at some point, parma violets
Palate: sweet, icing sugar, fruity, juicy pears, sweet apples, pear drops, creamy 
Finish: sweet, rosewater, medium long, floral, roses
Mark: +++/++ 

Conclusion: Honestly, not what I expected from a (undoubtedly young) single grain. Rather sweet and fruity instead of harsh and rough. A good price too.

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