.glen moray - 16yo

Runner up in the 2016 Spirit of Speyside blind tasting from the 13-21yo category, where all visitors had the chance to choose between two drams in three categories. Glen Moray whisky is generally matured in ex-Bourbon casks, as is this 16yo, without finishing in any other cask types.

40% abv, €40
single malt

Nose: fruity, malty, pine tops, floral, young pine tips, rose petals, violets, fresh fruit, berries, sweet cranberries, cocoa, cocoa butter
Palate: sweet, cocoa, creamy, honey, brown sugar, vanilla, nougat, nuts, almonds
Finish: short, chocolate, nougat, creamy - feels to be getting longer/ coming back
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: Hell yeah. This is a good one. There is no shame ending up second behind the Glenfiddich 18yo, which is an outstanding dram.

.many thanks to the #dram16winners twitter tasting

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