.caol ila - distillery edition - 1998

43% abv, €50, single malt, caramel E150a added

Nose: gentle smoke and peat, rumlike, sugarcane, warm wood, like in a sauna, raisins, fruit, green herbs, like sage
Palate: sweet, very gentle, rum, sugarcane, creamy, walnuts
Finish: medium-long, sweet, wood, nuts
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: Although it was a quick note at a friends place I made on my phone, I think got the basics. On a later moment, when I tried this again, I got similar notes, but still have not found a bottle for myself in order to make better ones. Good stuff though.

More info: Distilled in 1998, bottled in 2011, finished (double matured) in ex-Dark-Moscatel casks.

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