.bruichladdich - port charlotte - jim's cask

61,2% abv, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural color

Nose: obviously there is some peat, smoke and bacon and fresh fruits, and it is surprisingly gentle and doesn't give you any hint that is actually this high on alcohol.
Palate: dry, with smoked bacon, firm and sweet, breakfast cereals and raisins, lots of raisins.
Finish: sweet, firm and dry, never-ending
Mark: +++++
Conclusion: I would love to get a bottle of this, but other then being adopted by Jim's family I recon there is little to no chance to obtain one. I should have put it in a flask of some sort and taste it another time...

More info: exclusively matured in Mouton Rothschild wine casks. It is distilled in 2001 and will never be released since it is a cask that belongs to Jim McEwan and his family to keep for 21 years.
Confusingly, I understood from another source that this is a ten years old Port Charlotte but it has first matured in ex-Bourbon for eight years, before being ACE'd on ex-Mouton Rothschild casks... we'll never know for sure.

Whatever the truth, they have my blessing to bottle this and give it to me in small quantities of say, one bottle per year, having aged just that year each time.

I hope Bruichladdich takes hints...

Tasting note created during Jim McEwan's masterclass on Feis Ile 2013

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