.bruichladdich - black art 4 - pre-release

.a picture of number three...
49,2% abv, €???, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural color

Nose: starts with oak notes, followed by dry red wine and malted barley. Dark and yellow stone fruits like plums and apricots, the sweetness of nougat and a hint of mint.
Palate: very dry red wine or sherry, again the sweetness of the nougat, accompanied by toffe, spiciness from jalapeƱo peppers, spirity and a touch of oak.
Finish: really dry with heavy oak notes and the sweetness of the nougat and toffee that stay for a long, long time
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: want. I am a sucker for nougat anyways, so...

More info: This version has not been released yet, and the recipe might even be changed before it gets bottled and released, although the general agreement from the audience was that it should stay as it now is. Just like previous versions of the Black Art, this also has no younger whiskies in it as 20 years of ageing, non of which are publicly known.

Tasting note created during Jim McEwan's masterclass on Feis Ile 2013

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